Salad with chicken and goat cheese at Bar Esquina
Salad with chicken and goat cheese at Bar Esquina

My Gluten and Dairy Free Life

Being gluten and dairy free isn't easy, ESPECIALLY when you live in a foreign country! People constantly ask me "But what CAN you eat?". It's pretty simple...I eat a lot!  And living in Mexico hasn't changed that.  I used to get nervous and think, does this waiter really understand what I am saying? My Spanish is conversational but I am definitely not fluent. And I am by no means perfect when it comes to being 100% gluten/dairy free.  Do I eat gluten or dairy on purpose? No. But do I stress every time I go out that the kitchen has taken every precaution to minimize my exposure like I did when I was first diagnosed? No. Am I sometimes SO hungry that I forget to check my to go order and come home to find a sprinkle of cheese that I carefully scrap off, pop an allergy pill and pray I don't get sick from the delicious meal I am about to eat? YES! I have learned over the years that I am not super sensitive to gluten cross contamination but I am very susceptible to dairy.  Even the smallest amount of dairy causes terrible migraines.  Luckily, I can tolerate a small amount of goat cheese when I want to splurge a little.  So PLEASE understand, if you have a severe allergy or are very sensitive to cross contamination, some of my suggestions may not be for you.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. PROVECHO!

Lost In Translation

Here are a few key words and phrases everyone with food allergies should learn when traveling or living in Mexico:

  • Soy alérgico a - I am allergic to (male)
  • Soy muy alérgico a - I am very allergic to (male)
  • Gluten - Gluten
  • Intolerancia al gluten - Gluten intolerance
  • Soy alérgica a - I am allergic to (female)
  • Soy muy alérgica a - I am very allergic to (female)
  • Lácteo - Dairy
  • Intolerancia a los productos lácteos - Dairy intolerance

I find that many places in Mexico have not heard of celiac disease, gluten or even know what products are included in the dairy family.  However an allergy is something that is globally understood. For this reason, whether allergic/intolerant/celiac etc. I would typically say something like this:

"Soy muy alergica a gluten y todos los productos lácteos incluyendo trigo, harina, queso, mantequilla, yogur y leche" -

I am very allergic to gluten and all dairy products including wheat, flour, cheese, butter, yogurt and milk

Note: I typically don't see a lot of rye, barley or oats in dishes here so I don't usually list them but always use your best judgement depending on what you are ordering.

My Favorite Food Allergy Friendly Restaurants In Los Cabos

*Always advise your server of any food allergies*

Ambers Market

Mint Jungle & Amber's Market

Cabo San Lucas

100% Gluten Free Breakfasts, Salads, Sandwiches, Pizza and more!

Visit their Facebook: @MintJungleAndAmbersMarket


Habanero's Gastro Grill

San Jose Del Cabo

Delicious Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  LOVE their gluten free sandwich bread!

Visit their Facebook: @Habaneros.GastroGrill


Salvatore G's Italian Restaurant

Cabo San Lucas

Italian food the whole family will enjoy. Generous portions. Ask about gluten free pasta!

Visit their Facebook: @SalvatoreCabo


Chula Vegan Café

San Jose Del Cabo

My new "go to" spot in San Jose!  EVERYTHING on the menu is gluten AND dairy free.  Love the burger and vegan bowls.  My tummy thanks you!

Visit their Facebook: @ChulaCafe


Mako Vegan & Veggie

Cabo San Lucas

A new Vegan and Vegetarian friendly restaurant in Cabo.  Unfortunately, not may gluten free options but still tasty, healthy and friendly!

Visit their Facebook: @MakoVeggie


Pan Di Bacco

Cabo San Lucas

Many gluten free options including flatbread pizza (sub goat cheese), pasta and warm bread!

Visit their Facebook: @PanDiBaccoCabo


Outpost Cabo

Cabo San Lucas

Tapas style food.  GF and vegetarian options are marked on menu but ask for other options!  Ladies night and all you can eat lunch daily!

Visit their Facebook: @OutpostCabo


Cabo Blue Bar

Cabo San Lucas

 The House Salad with chicken & balsamic or a burger with lettuce wrap are two of my favs!

Visit their Facebook: @CaboBlueBarAndGrill


Santa Carmela Market

Cabo San Lucas

Tucked in the back corner of this specialty market you can order lunch to go.  The Chicken Wrap (ask for rice tortilla) is amazing!

Visit their Facebook: @MercadoSantaCarmela

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Wicked Pizza

Cabo San Lucas

Fantastic gluten free pizza - call ahead to ensure they have gluten free in stock - they don't always have it.  The "Wicked" (with no cheese) is my fav!

Visit their Facebook: @WickedPizza


Blue Thai Martini Bar

Cabo San Lucas

Almost everything on the menu is GF/DF including Pad Thai, Basil Rolls and Masaman Curry.  Pair with one of their many fresh martinis!

Visit their Facebook: @BlueThaiCabo

Do you know a great allergy friendly restaurant in Los Cabos I should try?  Please email me! LosCabosLiving@gmail.com