How Safe is Cabo?

After 2017’s spike in drug related crime in Baja Sur and other parts of Mexico, exaggerated by a lot of bad press, I’ve had many people ask “How Safe is Cabo?” I can tell you, the 5-point action plan launched in 2017 has been tremendously successful in reducing drug violence throughout the Baja and visitor numbers are continuing to increase steadily. I must also stress, even during the height of the travel warnings, I still felt very safe in Cabo and have always believed it is a wonderful and magical place to live!

In the News

After being slammed in the media last year, the news has started to turn around. Travel Pulse recently published a fantastic interview with Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board.

Cabo San Lucas is a destination that takes safety and security very seriously…As part of the [5-point action] plan, the Marines, Mexico’s elite force, took command of the state and municipal police in Los Cabos in November and are leading a cohesive security program…Los Cabos has also activated 200 new police personnel, who were trained and evaluated at a police academy in Mexico City…Rodrigo also described a new surveillance system effort that involved installation of more than 200 cameras, which the Marines use for monitoring and reacting to crime…At the same time, the Mexican Navy and The Los Cabos Hotel Association have created an anonymous Citizen Crime Report to encourage information sharing with authorities…As a result of all of these efforts and more, there has been a 90 percent drop in crime to date in 2018, according to the tourism board. [In addition] There are at least 4,000 hotel rooms scheduled to be built between 2018 and 2021.” (read more of this interview in Travel Pulse)

A recent article on explains “In February 2017, there were 26 homicides and in February 2018, just two. The rate (has been) reduced by 93 percent … This is the current reality in Los Cabos, the result of a year of effort.” Indeed, the hotels are busy and Americans are still arriving…Baja California Sur which includes Los Cabos, is listed as “Level 2: Exercise Increased Caution.”…To put things in perspective, Level 2 is the same tier of advisory given to many other tourist hotspots, including Anguilla, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Italy. And those are places to where many of us would think nothing of traveling.” (excerpt from

So if you’ve been hesitant about buying a home or booking a vacation, rest assured Los Cabos Tourism, along with our real estate and rental markets, are alive and well! People are buying and inventory is low compared to this time last year. Book a trip and see for yourself!


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